Compression & Universal Testing Machine


SYE series hydraulic compression testing machine is used for the compression test of concrete and other construction materials, mual load, digital display the value of pressure and ratio of loading. It can be save and print the test result directly by controller. It also can be equipped computer to show the load curve and process the date.


Hydraulic Manual loading, Used for testing the compressive and flexural strength of cement, concrete and other building materials. It can be carried out in accordance with the corresponding standard as setting loading rate. LCD screen display strength, Loading Speed Value and data acquisition processing Suitable for testing 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm cube samples as well as cylinder samples with 75-160mm diameter and 150-320mm height. Pressure safety valve, piston limit switch, removeable front and rear gates are standard in all models. Upper compression plates have ball seating assembly for movement in all models. All compression plates have a surface hardness of 50 HRC.


Universal Testing Machine have a wide range of applications. A number of materials, metals in different form and shapes can be tested for variety of tests like Tension, ompression, Transverse, Bend, Shear, Brine Hardness etc. Special attachments are also available for testing of Flat Belts, Chain Links, Wire Ropes etc.


1. Dual-test space design, under-cylinder, four-column-double-screw frame structure, compact structure;
2. Brand NACHI Gear pump, Hydraulic clamping, don’t skip, and can be increased special fixture with the shoulder, thread, strand;
3. Durable chrome-plated column for easy cleaning and a long-lasting-life;
4. 12v Hand operation box makes the operation more convenient and flexible;
5. High-precision load cell directly measures force, strong resistance to lateral and impact;
6. By using high pressure internal gear pump, the noise is less than 60 db under full load;
7. The hydraulic system uses pressure servo technology, the system pressure always follow up with the working pressure, and thus more energy saving;
8. While computer-controlled, with manual operation so that customers have more choices use;
9. With hardware and software overload protection;
10. Advanced and reliable PCI bus technology to improve the speed of data acquisition, control signal response and control accuracy.