Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers, Polarimeter

MS 300 Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers Features:

  • High performance hot plate magnetic stirrer comes with a temperature probe.
  • Large LCD display shows timer, temperature and running status indicator.
  • Push-button speed control effective avoid the hot-liquids hurt operator.
  • Adjustable heating temperature, stirring times and stirring speeds.
  • Automatic hold setting temperature through incidental temperature probe.
  • 1 point calibration improves the measurement accuracy of temperature.

Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers

WXG-4 Manual Polarimeter 06

Easy-to-use manual polarimeter, measuring range from -180 to 180 degrees. The instrument is suitable for measuring the optical rotation of optically active substances. Accuracy: 0.05 degrees.


  • WXG-4 manual polarimeter is equipped with a 589nm sodium lamp. Switch on the power, the polarized light beam immediately radiate to polarizer filter.
  • You can observed distinct visual fields through eyepiece.
  • Put the sample tube into the measuring field chamber, rotate the vernier knob, you will find an equal brightness.
  • Reading and recording the measured value from vernier scale, the testing is completed.


POL 200 Semiautomatic Polarimeter Features:

  • Multiparameter semiautomatic polarimeter is equipped with a 5 inches touch screen.
  • Selectable four measurement modes, including the optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and International Sugar Scale.
  • LED light source effectively extends the working time of instrument.
  • Built-in temperature sensor automatically senses temperature of the sample chamber.
  • Auto-zero feature supports instrument returns to zero point by pressing the Return button.
  • Selectable tube lengths (100 and 200mm) or manual enter the desired values.
  • Zero correction allows adjusting the optical visual field to eliminate the zero error.
  • Automatic temperature compensation improves measurement accuracy of instrument.
  • 1 to 3 point calibration ensures accurate measured value over the entire range.
  • Automatic message display helps user quickly begin using the instrument.
  • Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 100 readings.
  • Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meet GLP standard.
  • Stored data can be transferred into computer by USB communication interface.
  • On-screen operating manual detailedly shows the polarimeter uses.
  • Reset feature automatically resumes all parameters back to factory default options.